Our company APARTAMENTOS KOSIDLO came into being in 1959 more or less by accident. Each year we would set off from Germany for our summer holidays in Platja d’Aro. These holidays seemed to last forever and were full of intense emotions. Our stays in Platja d’Aro were at the same time a great adventure in which we discovered something new every time.

My father Alfred Kosidlo wanted to find out if the Spanish lessons that my sister Barbara was taking were bearing fruit. So he encouraged her to talk to the old chap whom we frequently met on our way to the campsite where we had pitched our tent. Although Barbara wasn’t quite sure what she should ask him, she nevertheless spoke to him and the two of them were soon deep in conversation. Señor Arbusé told her he wanted to sell some of his land – and, if we wanted, we could buy it. And so the story of our family company quite accidentally started on its course.

My father acquired the first piece of land and we started to build our first holiday apartments on it. It was entrepreneurs like him who were the first to begin building close to the sea and so establish tourism on the Costa Brava and contribute towards its economic transformation.

With much effort and enthusiasm we set about building and constructed the first eight apartments which we named “Margarita” after my mother.

As the years passed I started a family of my own, having had the good fortune to meet Teresa, who became my wife. We were the perfect match, and as a dedicated team we built up our company together – with much effort and commitment. Gradually, we extended the property with new apartment buildings – today we have Margarita 1, Margarita 2, Sabina, Pinell, Ocean and Canada.

Apartamentos Kosidlo has always been and still remains a family business. Many years have passed since then and much has changed, but the essence, the way we work, our joy and enthusiasm have not. We adapt to modern life and new technologies while retaining our family atmosphere so that you will always feel at home with us.

I would like to thank you all and all our guests from the bottom of my heart! Over the years, one or two of you were our guests only once, while others have since become part of our family. We have you all to thank for our continued existence – we are always there for you and would be delighted to have the pleasure of welcoming you here again!

Peter Kosidlo

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