Thanks to the region’s location on the Mediterranean, fish is one the main ingredients in its typical dishes. Many of the towns and villages along the Costa Brava have always lived from fishing, and some continue to do so, for example Palamós and l'Escala. Not only fresh fish is an important part of the regional cuisine but also seafood such as gambas (prawns) from Palamós, crayfish, squid and calamari. Some dishes typical of the region are seafood paella, “mar i muntanya rice, a combination of fish and meat (e.g. prawns with chicken), or the traditional “suquet de peix, a type of stew with fish and seafood.

Olive oil

Due to its fertile soil, the region of Empordà is ideally suited to agriculture. Olive trees are a good example of this tradition, producing a high-quality oil known as “liquid gold” characterised by its excellent aroma and intense flavour.


The designation of origin “Empordà” (Denominación de Origen or D.O. Empordà) refers to the white, rosé and red wines produced in the comarcas, or districts, of Baix Empordà and Alto Empordà. These wines are Mediterranean in character and have a fragrance reminiscent of the tramuntana, the prevailing wind that blows through the region. Because the soil is so ideally suited to wine-growing, the D.O. Empordà has developed into one of Catalonia’s most famous designations with an excellent reputation in the best restaurants of the province of Girona.


Some of the world’s best restaurants are to be found in the province of Girona, 13 of which have been awarded a total of 17 Michelin stars. They are distinguished by innovation, prestige and excellence, using primarily high-quality products from the region. The famous “El Celler de Can Roca” restaurant in Girona should be given particular mention here – it has been voted the best restaurant in the world and is representative of every restaurant that ranks the provincial cuisine of Girona among the best in the world.

Culinary events

Weekly markets are held in every municipality throughout the province of Girona, offering all types of product – from sausages and cheese to olive oil through to preserves – most of which are produced by hand. The market in Platja d’Aro is held every Friday, where you can buy regional products of the highest quality.